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Assyrian people

Suraye / Suryoye / Aturaye
Total population
3.3 million
Regions with significant populations
Traditional areas of Assyrian settlement: 735,000–745,100
 Syria 400,000
 Iraq 300,000
 Iran 20,000
 Turkey 15,000–25,100
Diaspora: 496,467–970,605
 United States 110,807–400,000
 Jordan 100,000–150,000
 Sweden 100,000
 Germany 100,000
 Lebanon 39,000
 Australia 30,631
 Netherlands 20,000
 France 16,000
 Belgium 15,000
 Russia 10,911
 Canada 10,810
 Denmark 10,000
  Switzerland 10,000
 United Kingdom 6,390
 Greece 6,000
 Georgia 3,299
 Ukraine 3,143
 Italy 3,000
 Armenia 2,769
 New Zealand 1,683
 Azerbaijan 1,500
 Israel 1,000
 Kazakhstan 350–800
 Finland 300
(Assyrian, Chaldean, Turoyo)
Mainly Christianity
(majority: Syriac Christianity; minority: Protestantism)
Related ethnic groups
Armenians  • Mandeans  • Mizrahi Jews  • Maronites

Assyrian people (Syriac: ܐܫܘܪܝܐ‎), or Syriacs (see names of Syriac Christians), are an ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East. Some of them self-identify as Chaldeans, or as Arameans. They speak modern Aramaic, whose subdivisions include Northeastern, Central, and Western Neo-Aramaic, as well as another language, dependent on the country of residence. The Assyrians are Syriac-speaking Christians who claim descent from Assyria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back to 2500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.

The areas that form the Assyrian homeland are parts of present-day northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey, northwestern Iran and northeastern Syria. The majority have migrated to other regions of the world, including North America, the Levant, Australia, Europe, Russia and the Caucasus during the past century or so.Emigration was triggered by such events as the Assyrian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire during World War I, the Simele Massacre in Iraq in 1933, the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Arab Nationalist Ba'athist policies in Iraq and Syria such as the al-Anfal campaign of Saddam Hussein, and the rise of ISIS and its takeover of most of the Nineveh Plains.



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