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Terms & Conditions

piglix.com Terms & Conditions

The following are the piglix.com Terms & Conditions of use for all "Registered Users", "Visitors" and "Advertisers" (herein referred to as "User" - collectively - "Users")

By becoming a "User" I accept and promise to abide by, the following:

1. Liability piglix.com (inluding it's associates) accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind for any outcome, result or consequence of the use of piglix.com, howsoever caused or alleged to have been caused.

2. Email Address You (the "User") must register using an email address that you control or have access to as this will be used in conjunction with your registration to ascertain the validity of your email address. Any email address may only be used one time.

3. Disassociation You (the "User") are not an employee, sub-contractor, associate or affiliate of piglix.com. Nor will you be paid in fiat currency by piglix.com. Any financial gain made by you in conjunction with your being a registered user of piglix.com is your personal gain and must be declared as such, as required by law, to any government agency requiring you to do so in the location of your residence.

4. Registration Details In order to enable the conversion of any piglix.com reward points into crypto-currency, you (the "user") must agree to provide accurate identification information about yourself. This information is requested on the Registration Form but is optional (except Username, password and email address). However, if you choose not to provide all the requested information and do not do so accurately and to the best of your knowledge, this may jeopardize your ability to receive crypto-currency in exchange for your piglix.com award points.