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about piglix

What is piglix?

Like nothing you have seen before - piglix is a complete paradigm shift. Let's say "It's a whole new world" for a trusted, participative and rewarding Internet. The concept is non-profit and philanthropically founded. That's because all the profits are given to the users of the piglix.org website.

piglix is NOT in competition with anyone

  • piglix is not a "social networking service".
  • piglix does not sell anything.
  • piglix does not sell your personal information or email address.
  • piglix is not a "blog", "forum", "wiki" or "messaging platform" .

How does piglix work?

When you visit piglix.org you have the choice of "registering an account" or simply browsing. Registered users can earn piglix points. When you have enough points, you can exchange them for a crypto-currency, like Bitcoin. Sound too good to be true? Have no fear, piglix.org earns income from advertising and after covering operating expenses, piglix.org shares out the profit by exchanging your points for crypto coins.

Inside piglix you will find information and services that you can use (all for free) - and get rewarded for using. You can add to the content of piglix yourself and earn far greater rewards. For creating content you are rewarded and when other visitors "vote up" your content you are rewarded with even more points.

Content is primarily in the form of what we call a "piglix" (the plural term for piglix is also piglix). A piglix has a basic format but can be used in many contexts. One popular format is that of a "question and answer(s)". Ask a question and get rewarded 40 points! Answer a question (including your own) and get 20 points for each answer. Plus more points are gained for "up-votes" to both questions and answers from other users (you can't vote for your own postings).

A piglix does not have to be in "question and answer" format. More frequently it will be "informational". Instead of asking a question, the piglix Title can name a place, a person, an object, an event or anything of general interest or usefulness. Then instead of having a set of answers, the piglix has a list of related statements further detailing the main 'Title". These statements are referred to as "piglets" (wouldn't you guess?)

How do I convert my reward points to cash?

piglix.org is in beta test mode and although fully operational, many features are still in the development pipeline. One of these features will provide the ability for you to request your piglix points to be paid out in crypto-currency. You will need to have accumulated enough points to reach the "payout threshold" and meet other requirements in the piglix.org Terms & Conditions.

Now don't go thinking that you can just dump any old garbage or minimal entries in piglix and get a payout. Other users will "down-vote" poor quality workmanship and take away your points! Users may also "flag" your content if it is badly written, inappropriate, inaccurate, or in any way detracts from the "good intent" of piglix.org.

There is no limit to the number of points you can generate and therefore no limit to the ultimate amount of money you can earn by being a good citizen of piglix.org.

It all starts when you register

So get going by registering as one of our first "Beta" users and see if you are going to be the first "piglix millionaire"!

BONUS - As a special incentive, to build our audience, piglix.org will award a one-time bonus of 1,000 points to the first 100 users to Register and post at least five (5) valid and acceptable piglix. Each user must come from a unique I.P. address so no double-dipping!