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  • Learn more! ! if you are a bone fide Higher Education establishment and would like to learn how the piglix project may be your answer to the challenges of 'lecture room' replacement strategies, use our feedback page now to tell us about your needs and have someone contact you to explain your options and possibilities.

Project piglix makes major pivot to assist all levels of Education!

Project piglix launch

Distance Learning Support System (code-name piglix) hits the ground running with a major pivot directed at Education and Training Establishments. Now open (and free) to all schools, colleges and corporate training programs, piglix quickly bridges the gap between empty lecture halls and full learning agendas.

Now you are here - see how this "Swiss Army Knife" of learning support software can save the day for teachers, trainers and students by: >>

  • Distributing tailored or standard assignments.
  • Capturing students’ work in multiple forms.
  • Messaging.

With piglix.com you can:

  • Keep lists of things important to you
  • Write about your life, friends, family, experiences, anything!
  • Keep How to's, Instructions, Reminders, etc.
  • Write stories (or poems) and share amongst followers, which means more points.
  • Keep a diary (public or private)
  • Gather research and info for assignment, homework or team project.
  • Write reviews of products, restaurants, stores, books, movies, songs, artists, etc.
  • Share useful info about your locality.
  • Build a scrapbook with info from other piglix - or anywhere you like - including pictures!

Thanks for joining us! and of course, you will be rewarded with piglix points, including the Special Bonus of 1,000 extra points!



Welcome to piglix, where you can teach, learn, discover or contribute and earn rewards every time you click.

Privacy Guarantee

We will never sell your personal information, preferences or email address to anyone!

What is piglix?

Like nothing you have seen before - piglix.com is a complete paradigm shift. Let's say "It's a whole new world" for a trusted, participative and rewarding Internet. The concept is altruistic and philanthropically founded. That's because all the profits are given to the users of the piglix.com website.

Show me!

Here's one example - A piglix called 'piglix.com features' contains a list of all the features on piglix.com.

It all starts when you register

So get going! - by registering as one of our first "Beta" users and see if you are going to be the first "piglix millionaire"!

Introducing Polls

New on piglix.com - Any user can create a 'poll' that poses a question and gives the rest of us a set of options from which to select a choice. The total number of votes fr each choices is continuously updated, along with percentages for each option. The creator can close the poll at any time.

No Censorship!

Just be respectful of others.At piglix.com we try our very best to leave your opinions uncensored. They are your opinions and we respect that. You must respect others by maintaining a congenial atmosphere and refraining from abusive or derogatory statements whenever you disagree with someone else.

Social Distancing Order In Force!

Don't forget! that your welfare and that of all your friends and colleagues here is of primary concern and a distance of six feet (1.8m) minimum is required at all times.