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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ list describes, it's purpose, how to make it useful and how to earn rewards for consuming or contributing to the content.. Please read this before posting your own content.
  • What is all about?
  • is a completely new concept - it is an 'altruistic' movement with a 'philanthropic' mission to empower its users to partake in learning, and understanding while helping others to do the same - and - above all, it rewards those participants by enabling them to benefit from the 21st century phenomenon of 'crypto-currencies'.

    Crypto-currency is the incredible platform that has allowed people to gain wealth without doing anything particular to achieve this. Well, nothing more than using their computer that is. But very quickly, warehouses full of high-powered computers have been set up to 'mine' (as it is called) these crypto-currencies, making it almost impossible for the regular user to participate any more.

    With the advent of, this situation has been rectified and now 'the work' done to earn crypto-currency is back in the hands of anyone with an internet connected device. Simply create posts (piglix) on, or vote on other users' piglix and you too are on your way to earning crypto funds.

    How is this done? Your activities (contributing or voting) on will earn you 'piglix points' which, when certain conditions are fulfilled, may be exchanged for crypto-currency like Bitcoin. Yes - that means something of 'real' intrinsic value, exchangeable for cash, can be yours as a result of using Now if you are wondering where the funds come from to be able to hand-out such value? revenues come principally from advertising. These revenues (after meeting the expenses for operating the website) are placed in a special 'Reserve' that is used to determine the cash value of all the points earned by Registered users. This Reserve account is then used to fund the conversion of piglix points into crypto-currency at the appropriate rate of exchange.

  • So what exactly is a piglix?
  • It's actually quite simple. In the beginning, the intent was to provide a way to create a list (or collection) of related items, articles, topics or whatever. A bunch of things that belonged together. An example would be a list of wedding anniversary gifts or a list of automobile manufacturers or the set of planets in our solar system. Sometimes, however, the items of interest are not really related to each other, such as the familiar "bucket list" we like to cook up! Those aspirations only come together because we want them to.

    So the structure we came up with to accommodate stuff had to be a little more generalized and for lack of a better word, the term "piglix" was born!

    The format convention for a piglix is simply a header followed by the set of related items, each contained separately in what soon became known as a "piglet". The header comprises a Title and a Description but can also be attached to a "Category" and can be adorned with one or more "Tags".
  • How does the piglix point system work?
  • When a piglix, piglet or comment is voted upon, the user who posted it will gain / lose points accordingly. These points serve to express the views of the community as to the correctness, accuracy and presentation quality of the post.

    For example, if you create an interesting and/or useful piglix or piglet, it will likely be voted up. On the other hand if the piglix is poorly-worded, misleading or distasteful - it will likely be voted down. Each up vote on a piglix will generate 1 point(s), whereas each vote against will subtract 1 point(s)

    piglix points are immensely valuable as they may at a later stage, be convertible into crypt-currency. Therefore only 'Registered Users' are permitted to perform posting and/or voting activities on

    Further, if the content you post on is particularly offensive it will very likely be 'flagged' by the community which may result in the content being disqualified and removed, In such cases the points that may have been earned for the effort will be forfeited without recourse. Administrators also have the privileges to edit, alter, correct or remove any content that they deem to be not in accordance with the Terms & Conditions or Community Policy as published.

    The following table lists points awarded per activity:

    Posting a piglix: + 20 points
    Per up vote on your piglix: + 1 points
    Per down vote on your piglix: - 1 points
    Limit from up votes on each piglix: + 100 points
    Limit from down votes on each piglix: 90 points
    Posting a piglet: + 7 points
    Per up vote on your piglet: + 1 points
    Per down vote on your piglet: - 1 points
    Limit from up votes on each piglet: + 100 points
    Limit from down votes on each piglet: 90 points
    Per up vote on your comment: + 1 points
    Per down vote on your comment: + 1 points
    Limit from up votes on each comment: + 100 points
    Limit from down votes on each comment: + 90 points
    Voting up a piglix: + 1 points
    Voting down a piglix: + 1 points
    Voting up a piglet: + 1 points
    Voting down a piglet: + 1 points
    Add for all users: + 100 points

    Please Note that these award values may be changed at any time and without notice, solely at the discretion of the administrators.
  • How do I convert my piglix points to cash?
  • is in beta test mode and although fully operational, many features are still in the development pipeline. One of these features will provide the ability for you to request your piglix points to be paid out in crypto-currency. You will need to have accumulated enough points to reach the "payout threshold" and meet other requirements in the Terms & Conditions. Now don't go thinking that you can just dump any old garbage or minimal entries in piglix and get a payout. Other users will "down-vote" poor quality workmanship and take away your points! Users may also "flag" your content if it is badly written, inappropriate, inaccurate, or in any way detracts from the "good intent" of There is no limit to the number of points you can generate and therefore no limit to the ultimate amount of money you can earn by being a good citizen of
  • Will my personal details be sold?
  • will neither share with nor sell to any third party,. any of your personal details or information thru which you can be identified.
  • What kind of content can I put into a piglix?
  • Almost anything that can be placed into text with the additional facility to upload appropriate images. However, please be aware that there are rules governing what is appropriate on and users determined to be abusing these rules may have their content deleted and even have there Registration and use privileges revoked. Furthermore, any piglix points earned to date by such abusive members are subject to reduction or total forfeiture, solely at the discretion of the administrators of the site.

    Barring such 'disallowed content', you are free to create your own piglix on any subject you wish. Here on, our intent is to allow total freedom of expression and opinion. Your content will not be suppressed, edited, concealed, censored, stifled or gagged, provided it is expressed respectfully of the general audience and within the Community Policy Guidelines.
  • What kinds of content should be avoided?
  • Please avoid posting on any part of, including piglix, piglets, comments, user walls, private messages between users or any other part of the site that allows user input, any content that falls under the following headings:
    • Anything that violates the Terms & Conditions of use or the Community Policy.

    • Subject matter or dialogue that can be deemed to be offensive to the general public on a large scale (i.e. not offensive to a select few individuals whose views may be contradicted).

    • Any material that is generally regarded to be 'anti-social', 'obscene' or 'pornographic'

    • Any material that is generally regarded as 'unsuitable' for younger audiences.

    • Any material that 'belongs to' someone else and that may be the subject of copyright, patent or trademark protection, unless written approval has been granted to the user by the owner of the property.

    • Any material that has no apparent relevance, usefulness or purpose, other than to earn points for the act of posting on, including the reproduction of content already posted on by the same user.

    • Any material that is in any way related to any 'Unlawful Activity' under any jurisdiction.

    • Any material that is 'indiscreet', 'disrespectful' or 'libelous' towards any other person, entity or organization.

    • Any material that, at the sole discretion of the administrators, is deemed to be 'Inappropriate' for storage or publication on the site. All rights reserved.

  • Who moderates this community?
  • It could be said that: you do! is moderated by the users. At the basic level, content you post can be 'voted up' or 'voted down' by other users (not by yourself). This has an effect on the piglix points your posts can earn. Beyond that, users who find that your content abuses the system or is not in compliance with the Terms & Conditions or the Community Policy, can 'flag' your content which may result in it's automatic removal from the site. If this happens to your posting, you may lose the points you would otherwise have earned and further to that, your Registration with may be canceled without recourse.

    So the bottom line is that 'everything' you post on is subject to peer review and to the decisions of moderators and administrators.
  • How to change my picture (gravatar), and what is gravatar?
  • The picture that appears in user profiles is called a gravatar, which means globally recognized avatar.

    Here is how it works: You upload your picture (or your favorite alter ego image) to the website from where we later retrieve your image using a cryptographic key based on your email address.

    This way all the websites you trust can show your image next to your posts and your email address remains private.

    Please personalize your account with an image - just register at (just please be sure to use the same email address that you used to register with us). The default gray image is generated automatically.

    Other comments, questions or suggestions - please use the feedback form.

    1,000 EXTRA POINTS!

    Don't forget! that as one of our early users, you are eligible to receive the 1,000 point bonus as soon as you have created five (5) acceptable piglix.