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Millennium: 2nd millennium
1939 by topic:
By country
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1939 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar 1939
Ab urbe condita 2692
Armenian calendar 1388
Assyrian calendar 6689
Bahá'í calendar 95–96
Bengali calendar 1346
Berber calendar 2889
British Regnal year Geo. 6 – 4 Geo. 6
Buddhist calendar 2483
Burmese calendar 1301
Byzantine calendar 7447–7448
Chinese calendar 戊寅(Earth Tiger)
4635 or 4575
    — to —
己卯年 (Earth Rabbit)
4636 or 4576
Coptic calendar 1655–1656
Discordian calendar 3105
Ethiopian calendar 1931–1932
Hebrew calendar 5699–5700
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1995–1996
 - Shaka Samvat 1860–1861
 - Kali Yuga 5039–5040
Holocene calendar 11939
Igbo calendar 939–940
Iranian calendar 1317–1318
Islamic calendar 1357–1358
Japanese calendar Shōwa 14
Javanese calendar 1869–1870
Juche calendar 28
Julian calendar Gregorian minus 13 days
Korean calendar 4272
Minguo calendar ROC 28
Nanakshahi calendar 471
Thai solar calendar 2481–2482

1939 (MCMXXXIX) was a common year starting on Sunday (dominical letter A) of the Gregorian calendar, the 1939th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 939th year of the 2nd millennium, the 39th year of the 20th century, and the 10th and last year of the 1930s decade. This year also marks the start of the Second World War, the deadliest conflict in human history.

Below, events of World War II have the WWII prefix.


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