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Assyrian calendar

The Assyrian calendar is a lunar-based calendar which begins in the year 4750 BC, inspired by the purported date of the foundation of Assur, (Assur was in fact founded over 2000 years later) notably based on a series of articles published in the Assyrian nationalist magazine Gilgamesh, edited by the brothers Addi Alkhas and Jean Alkhas and Nimrod Simono. The year begins with the first sight of Spring. The Assyrian new year is still celebrated every year with festivals and gatherings. As of 2017 AD, it is the 6767th year of the Assyrian calendar, and this calendar is used among many Assyrianist Syriac communities.

It begins 4,750 years before the Gregorian calendar. For example, it is set out like this: 2017+4750 = Assyrian year 6767.

The intercalary month, added when the new moon following Adaar predates vernal equinox, is called Ve-Adad.