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V&A - Raphael, The Miraculous Draught of Fishes (1515).jpg
After the miraculous catch of fish, Christ invokes his disciples to become "fishers of men" () by Raphael.
Total population
c. 2.4 billion worldwide (2015)
Regions with significant populations
 European Union 373,656,000
 United States 246,780,000
 Brazil 175,770,000
 Mexico 107,780,000
 Russia 105,220,000
 Philippines 86,790,000
 Nigeria 80,510,000
 China 67,070,000
 Democratic Republic of the Congo 63,150,000




A Christian (pronunciation: Listeni/ˈkrɪʃtʃən/ or /ˈkrɪstjən/) is a person who follows or adheres to Christianity, an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. "Christian" derives from the Koine Greek word Christós (Χριστός), a translation of the Biblical Hebrew term mashiach.

While there are diverse interpretations of Christianity which sometimes conflict, they are united in believing that Jesus has a unique significance. The term "Christian" is also used as an adjective to describe anything associated with Christianity, or in a proverbial sense "all that is noble, and good, and Christ-like."

Twenty countries with the most Christians
Country Christians  % Christian
 United States (details) 246,780,000 73%
 Brazil (details) 175,770,000 90.2%
 Mexico (details) 107,780,000 92%
 Russia (details) 99,775,000 70.3%
 Philippines (details) 90,530,000 92.4%
 Nigeria (details) 76,281,000 48.2%
 Congo, Democratic Republic of (details) 68,558,000 95.6%
 China, People's Republic of (details) 66,959,000 5.0%
 Italy (details) 55,070,000 91.1%
 Ethiopia (details) 54,978,000 64.5%
 Germany (details) 50,400,000 61.9%
 Colombia (details) 44,502,000 97.6%
 Ukraine (details) 41,973,000 91.5%
 South Africa (details) 39,843,000 79.7%
 Argentina (details) 37,561,000 92.7%
 Poland (details) 36,526,000 95.7%
 Spain (details) 35,568,000 77.2%
 France (details) 35,014,000 53.5%
 Kenya (details) 34,774,000 85.1%
 Uganda (details) 29,943,000 88.6%



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