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Zachary Paliashvili

Zacharia Paliashvili
Georgian classical composer Zacharia Paliashvili in the early 1900s - crop.png
Born Zacharia Petres dze Paliashvili
(1871-08-16)August 16, 1871
Kutaisi, Kutais Governorate, Russian Empire
Died October 6, 1933(1933-10-06) (aged 62)
Tbilisi, Georgian SSR, Soviet Union
Era Classical
Spouse(s) Julia Mikhailovna Utkina

Zacharia Petres dze Paliashvili (Georgian: ზაქარია ფალიაშვილი, Zakaria Paliaşvili), also known as Zachary Petrovich Paliashvili (Russian: Захарий Петрович Палиашви́ли, Zacharij Petrovič Paliašvili), (1871–1933) was a Georgian composer. Regarded as one of the founders of the Georgian classical music, his work is known for its eclectic fusion of folk songs and stories with 19th century Romantic classical themes. He was the founder of the Georgian Philharmonic Society and later, the head of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi was named in his honor in 1937. Notably, Paliashvili's music serves as the basis of the National Anthem of Georgia.

Although Paliashvili has composed works for symphony orchestra (e.g., Georgian Suite on Folk Themes), he is probably best known for his vocal music, which includes operas Abesalom da Eteri (based on a folk tale "Eteriani"), Daisi (Twilight), and Latavra.

Paliashvili was born on 16 August 1871 in Kutaisi in the family of Petre Ivanes dze Paliashvili (1838–1913), an elder at the Kutaisi Georgian Catholic Church, who was said to be a model father and husband. Zacharia's mother was Maria Pavles asuli Mesarkishvili (1851–1916). Zacharia was the third child in a family of eighteen children (thirteen sons and five daughters). Seven children died in infancy. Although Zacharia's parents were not professional musicians, their children remembered their mother's singing.

In his autobiographical notes Zacharia Paliashvili writes: "...in our big family, my brothers and sisters displayed a natural gift of music even in their early age. To my mind the explanation of this should be sought in the fact that we, being catholics attended the church where the sweet sounds of organ music are not only enjoyable but help develop a good ear... we spend much time in the church and gradually developed a good ear.."


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