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Coat of arms of Yverdon-les-Bains
Coat of arms
Yverdon-les-Bains is located in Switzerland
Coordinates: 46°46.71′N 6°38.45′E / 46.77850°N 6.64083°E / 46.77850; 6.64083Coordinates: 46°46.71′N 6°38.45′E / 46.77850°N 6.64083°E / 46.77850; 6.64083
Country Switzerland
Canton Vaud
District Jura-Nord Vaudois
 • Executive Municipalité
with 7 members
 • Mayor Syndic (list)
Daniel Von Siebenthal PSS/SPS
(as of February 2014)
 • Parliament Conseil communal
with 100 members
 • Total 11.28 km2 (4.36 sq mi)
Elevation 435 m (1,427 ft)
Population (Dec 2015)
 • Total 29,700
 • Density 2,600/km2 (6,800/sq mi)
Postal code 1400
SFOS number 5938
Surrounded by Belmont-sur-Yverdon, Cheseaux-Noréaz, Cuarny, Épendes, Grandson, Gressy, Montagny-près-Yverdon, Pomy, Treycovagnes
Twin towns Nogent-sur-Marne (France), Winterthur (Switzerland), Prokuplje (Serbia), Kagamino (Japan), Pontarlier (France), Collesano (Italy)
Profile (French), SFSO statistics

Yverdon-les-Bains (French pronunciation: ​[ivɛʁdɔ̃lebɛ̃]) (called Eburodunum and Ebredunum during the Roman era) is a municipality in the district of Jura-Nord vaudois of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It is the seat of the district. The population of Yverdon-les-Bains, as of December 2015, was 29,700.

Yverdon is located in the heart of a natural setting formed by the Jura mountains, the plains of the Orbe, the hills of the Broye and Lake Neuchâtel. It is the second most important town in the Canton of Vaud. It is famous for its thermal springs and is an important regional centre for commerce and tourism.

It was awarded the Wakker Prize in 2009 for the way the city handled and developed the public areas and connected the old city with Lake Neuchâtel.

The heights nearby Yverdon seem to have been settled at least since the Neolithic Age about 5000 BCE, as present archeological evidence shows. The town was at that time only a small market place, at the crossroads of terrestrial and fluvial communication ways. People began to settle, at first in temporary huts at the water-front, for fishers and merchants, then in permanent dwellings.

The Celtic Helvetii are said to have been the first permanent settlers of Eburodunum (Celtic and Roman name of Yverdon), from about the 2nd century BCE.

About a century later, the Romans realized the commercial and strategic importance of this place: it controlled major routes such as Geneva-Avenches, connecting the Rhône and Rhine basins, as well as those of Rhone and Danube.



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