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Rhône (French: Le Rhône)
German: Rhone
Leman img 0573.jpg
View over the Rhône flowing from Valais into Lake Geneva
Countries Switzerland, France
Source Rhône Glacier
 - elevation 2,208 m (7,244 ft)
Mouth Mediterranean Sea
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 43°19′51″N 4°50′44″E / 43.33083°N 4.84556°E / 43.33083; 4.84556Coordinates: 43°19′51″N 4°50′44″E / 43.33083°N 4.84556°E / 43.33083; 4.84556
Length 813 km (505 mi)
Basin 98,000 km2 (37,838 sq mi)
 - average 1,710 m3/s (60,388 cu ft/s)
 - max 13,000 m3/s (459,091 cu ft/s)
 - min 360 m3/s (12,713 cu ft/s)

The Rhône (/ˈrn/; French: Le Rhône [ʁon]; German: Rhone [ˈroːnə]; Walliser German: Rotten [ˈrotən]; Italian: Rodano [ˈrɔːdano]; Arpitan: Rôno [ˈʁono]; Occitan: Ròse [ˈrɔze]) is one of the major rivers of Europe, rising in the Rhône Glacier in the Swiss Alps at the far eastern end of the Swiss canton of Valais, passing through Lake Geneva and running through southeastern France. At Arles, near its mouth on the Mediterranean Sea, the river divides into two branches, known as the Great Rhône (French: Le Grand Rhône) and the Little Rhône (Le Petit Rhône). The resulting delta constitutes the Camargue region.



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