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University of Chicago

The University of Chicago
UChicago presidential seal.svg
Latin: Universitas Chicaginiensis
Motto Crescat scientia; vita excolatur (Latin)
Motto in English
Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched
Type Private nondenominational coeducational
Established 1890
Endowment $7.550 billion (2015)
President Robert J. Zimmer
Provost Daniel Diermeier
Academic staff
Administrative staff
14,772 (including employees of the University of Chicago Medical Center)
Students 15,726
Undergraduates 5,860
Postgraduates 9,866
Location Chicago, Illinois, U.S.


217 acres (87.8 ha) (Main Campus)
42 acres (17.0 ha) (Warren Woods Ecological Field Station, Warren Woods State Park)
30 acres (12.1 ha) (Yerkes Observatory)
Colors Maroon and White
Athletics NCAA Division IIIUAA
Nickname Maroons
Mascot Phoenix
Affiliations AAU
University of Chicago logo.svg
University rankings
Forbes 20
U.S. News & World Report 3
Washington Monthly 92
QS 10
Times 10
U.S. News & World Report 13


The University of Chicago (U of C, Chicago, or UChicago) is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the world's leading and most influential institutions of higher learning, with top-ten positions in numerous rankings and measures.

The university, established in 1890, is composed of the College, various graduate programs, and interdisciplinary committees organized into five academic research divisions and seven professional schools. Beyond the arts and sciences, Chicago is also well known for its professional schools, which include the Pritzker School of Medicine, the Booth School of Business, the Law School, the School of Social Service Administration, the Harris School of Public Policy Studies, the Divinity School and the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. The university currently enrolls approximately 5,700 students in the College and around 15,000 students overall.

University of Chicago scholars have played a major role in the development of various academic disciplines, including: the Chicago school of economics; the Chicago school of sociology; law and economics theory in legal analysis; the Chicago school of literary criticism; the Chicago school of religion; and the behavioralism school of political science. Chicago's physics department helped develop the world's first man-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction (Chicago Pile-1) beneath the viewing stands of university's Stagg Field. Chicago's research pursuits are aided through its operation of world-renowned institutions, including the nearby Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) and Argonne National Laboratory, as well as the Marine Biological Laboratory. The university is also home to the University of Chicago Press, the largest university press in the United States. With an estimated completion date of 2020, the Barack Obama Presidential Center will be housed at the university and include both the Obama presidential library and offices of the Obama Foundation.

Student Body Demographics, Spring Quarter 2016
By sex
College Graduate
Male 52.64% 60.15% 59.84% 57.09%
Female 47.36% 39.85% 40.16% 42.91%
By race
College Graduate
International student 11.05% 34.91% 24.05% 21.52%
African American 5.30% 2.64% 4.27% 4.34%
Native American 0.23% 0.30% 0.16% 0.22%
Arab/Middle Eastern/
North African
0.20% 1.03% 0.30% 0.46%
Asian 17.22% 5.82% 12.76% 12.83%
Pacific Islander 0.05% 0.03% 0.02% 0.04%
Hispanic/Latino 8.73% 5.24% 5.79% 6.92%
Multiracial 3.61% 2.06% 1.66% 2.51%
White 43.74% 36.33% 44.79% 42.42%
Unspecified 9.88% 10.42% 6.20% 8.73%



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