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Republic of Cuba
República de Cuba  (Spanish)
Five horizontal stripes: three blue and two white. A red equilateral triangle at the left of the flag, partly covering the stripes, with a white five pointed star in the centre of the triangle.
A shield in front of a fasces crowned by the Phrygian Cap, all supported by an oak branch and a laurel wreath
Flag Coat of arms
"¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!" (Spanish)
"Homeland or Death, we shall overcome!"
"¡Trabajadores del mundo, únanse!"
"Workers of the world, unite!"
Anthem: La Bayamesa
Bayamo Song 
Location of  Cuba  (green)
Location of  Cuba  (green)
and largest city
23°8′N 82°23′W / 23.133°N 82.383°W / 23.133; -82.383
Official languages Spanish
Ethnic groups (2012)
Demonym Cuban
Government Unitary Marxist–Leninist one-party state
• President
Raúl Castro
Miguel Díaz-Canel
Raúl Castro
Esteban Lazo Hernández
Legislature National Assembly of People's Power
February 24, 1895
• Recognized (handed over from Spain to the United States)
December 10, 1898
• Republic declared (independence from United States)
May 20, 1902
July 26, 1953 – January 1, 1959
• Current constitution
February 24, 1976
• Total
109,884 km2 (42,426 sq mi) (104th)
• Water (%)
• 2015 census
11,239,004 (79th)
• Density
102.3/km2 (265.0/sq mi) (104th)
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
• Total
US$ 234.624 billion (58th)
• Per capita
US$ 20,646 (58th)
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
• Total
US$ 82.775 billion (65th)
• Per capita
US$ 7,274 (86th)
Gini (2000) 38.0
HDI (2014) Increase 0.769
high · 67th
Currency (CUC)
Time zone CST (UTC−5)
• Summer (DST)
Drives on the right
Calling code +53
ISO 3166 code CU
Internet TLD .cu
  1. From 1993 to 2004, the United States dollar was used alongside the peso until the dollar was replaced by the convertible peso.

Coordinates: 22°00′N 80°00′W / 22.000°N 80.000°W / 22.000; -80.000

Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba (Spanish: About this sound República de Cuba ), is a country comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos. Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. It is south of both the U.S. state of Florida and the Bahamas, west of Haiti, and north of Jamaica. Havana is the largest city and capital; other major cities include Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, with an area of 109,884 square kilometres (42,426 sq mi), and the second-most populous after Hispaniola, with over 11 million inhabitants.



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