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David Frum

David Frum
David Frum.jpg
Frum in a post
Born (1960-06-30) June 30, 1960 (age 56)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Residence Washington, D.C., U.S.
Citizenship Canada, United States
Education Yale University (B.A./M.A.)
Harvard Law School (J.D.)
Occupation Journalist, author, speechwriter
Years active 1987–present
Known for Coining the term "axis of evil"
Political party Republican
Board member of Republican Jewish Coalition, R Street Institute
Spouse(s) Danielle Crittenden (m. 1988)
Parent(s) Barbara Frum and Murray Frum
Relatives Linda Frum (sister), Matthew Frum (brother)

David J. Frum (/ˈfrʌm/; born June 30, 1960) is a Canadian-American neoconservativepolitical commentator. A speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Frum later became the author of the first "insider" book about the Bush presidency. He is a senior editor at The Atlantic and also a CNN contributor. He serves on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the British think tank Policy Exchange, the anti-drug policy group Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and as vice chairman and an associate fellow of the R Street Institute.

Frum is the son of Canadian journalist Barbara Frum.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a Jewish family, Frum is the son of the late Barbara Frum (née Rosberg), a well-known, New York-born, journalist and broadcaster in Canada, and the late Murray Frum, a dentist, who later became a real estate developer, philanthropist and art collector. His father's parents immigrated from Poland to Toronto in 1930. Frum's sister, Linda Frum, is a member of the Senate of Canada.

It's human nature to assess difficult questions, not on the merits, but on our feelings about the different 'teams' that form around different answers. To cite a painful personal experience: During the decision-making about the Iraq war, I was powerfully swayed by the fact that the proposed invasion of Iraq was supported by those who had been most right about the Cold War—and was most bitterly opposed by those who had been wrongest about the Cold War. Yet in the end, it is not teams that matter. It is results. As Queen Victoria's first prime minister bitterly quipped after a policy fiasco: 'What wise men had promised has not happened. What the damned fools predicted has actually come to pass.'"
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  • de Soto, Hernando; Frum, David (2003). The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else. Basic Books. p. 288. ISBN . I ghostwrote it, but the research & concepts are all his. 


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