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Turner Network Television

TNT (TV Channel).svg
Launched October 3, 1988; 28 years ago (1988-10-03)
Owned by Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner)
Picture format
Slogan Boom.
Country United States
Language English
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Formerly called Turner Network Television (1988–1995)
Sister channel(s)
DirecTV 245 (SD/HD)
Dish Network 138 (SD/HD)
Available on most U.S. cable systems Consult your local cable provider for channel availability
Verizon FiOS
  • 551 (HD)
  • 51 (SD)
AT&T U-verse
  • 108 (East; SD)
  • 109 (West; SD)
  • 1108 (East; HD)
  • 1109 (West; HD)
CenturyLink Prism
  • 108 (East; SD)
  • 109 (West; SD)
  • 1108 (East; HD)
  • 1109 (West; HD)
Streaming media
Watch TNT Watch Live TV on TNT (U.S. cable internet subscribers only; requires login from pay television provider to access content)
PlayStation Vue Internet Protocol television
Roku (USA) 1450 (SD/HD)

TNT (originally an abbreviation for Turner Network Television) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The original purpose of the channel was to play spillovers from its sister channel TBS by airing classic films and TV shows; however, since June 2001, the channel's programming consists of television series and feature films, with a focus on drama, along with some professional sporting events (such as National Basketball Association basketball games and Professional Golfers Association of America golf).

As of July 2015, TNT is available to approximately 94.259 million cable, satellite and telco households (81.0% of households with at least one television set) in the United States.

Prior to the launch of the channel in 1988, the name Turner Network Television had been utilized by Turner Broadcasting as a syndication service for various sporting events, including two exhibition games from 1982 organized by the NFL Players Association during the NFL strike of that year, and the first Goodwill Games, organized by Turner himself, in 1986.

The channel launched at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on October 3, 1988 with a pre-recorded performance of The Star Spangled Banner, a tradition whenever a new Turner-owned network launched. Its inaugural telecast was the 1939 classic film Gone with the Wind, a film which TNT founder Ted Turner had acquired the rights. It was said that the movie was chosen as the channel's first program because it was Turner's favorite movie. It would also serve as the first program aired on sister channel Turner Classic Movies, when it debuted in April 1994. Incidentally, Gone With the Wind had its premiere held in Atlanta, Georgia, Turner's hometown and the headquarters of the channel's corporate parent, Turner Broadcasting System. The city served as the setting for the film.

Unscripted series
Children's programming
  • 551 (HD)
  • 51 (SD)
  • 108 (East; SD)
  • 109 (West; SD)
  • 1108 (East; HD)
  • 1109 (West; HD)
  • 108 (East; SD)
  • 109 (West; SD)
  • 1108 (East; HD)
  • 1109 (West; HD)
  • Claws (TBA)
  • Conviction (TBA)
  • Creatures (TBA)
  • The Deep Mad Dark (TBA)
  • Finding Chandra (TBA)
  • Hinges (TBA)
  • Let the Right One In (TBA)
  • Monsters of God (TBA)
  • Snowpiercer (TBA)
  • Time of Death (TBA)
  • TNT North - Mexico
  • TNT Venezuela feed
  • TNT Colombia feed (also broadcast in Ecuador)
  • TNT Central America feed (also broadcast in the Caribbean)
  • TNT Chile (also broadcast in Peru and Bolivia)
  • TNT Argentina (also broadcast in Paraguay and Uruguay)
  • TNT Brazil
  • TNT Latin America HD
  • TNT Brazil HD


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