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Telephone numbers in Georgia (country)

Georgia telephone numbers
Country Georgia
Continent Europe
Type closed
Access codes
Country calling code +995
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

There were changes to the telephone numbering plan in Georgia which were expected to be completed by the end of 2011. This article is being updated after all the major changes, also the dates of these changes are indicated.

Numbers in Georgia currently consist of 12 digits:

On June 4, 2011 landline numbers have changed. Instead of 6 (in Tbilisi) or 5 (in other cities) digits they now consist of 7 and 6 digits respectively. More precisely, digit 2 has been added in front of the existing numbers. E.g., 76 xxxx (in Tbilisi) is now 276 xxxx, or 7 xxxx (in Batumi) is now 27 xxxx. For Rustavi, the following change has been made: 15 xxxx is now 25 xxxx

Dialing plan is as follows:

To call Tbilisi, regions and mobile networks from abroad you should dial:

To call any destination from Georgia, you should dial:

Or you could also use operator selection code 10XX.

The following operators provide international communication:

For example, to call Geneva (Switzerland) using default international code and pre-selected operator code of Silknet:

To call within Georgia you should dial:

Within one geographical zone you should dial directly subscriber's phone number.

Dialling rules from mobile networks are different. To call another mobile number, you should dial directly prefix and number, without national dialling code:

For calls to landline phones from mobile networks, the same rules apply as for calling from landline phone.

On June 20 the prefixes for mobile operators have changed. Digit 5 has been added. For example, prefix 99 have changed to 599.

Prefixes are divided as noted below:

Be advised, that from February 15, 2011 number portability is working in Georgia, so it is not necessary that the number with the prefix is of this provider.

On June 27 the prefixes for wireless phones have been changed, more precisely for CDMA phones. Digit 7 have been added to the prefix. For example, prefix 90 have been changed to 790.

Dialing rules are the same as for mobile networks.

For example, to dial landline phone in Tbilisi:

To dial mobile number, for example the one of Magticom:

On March 1, 2011 the area codes have changed. Area codes use geographical numbering principle: they start with 3 for Eastern Georgia and with 4 for Western Georgia.



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