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Islamic Centrist Party

Islamic Centrist Party
حزب الوسط الاسلامي
Headquarters Amman
Ideology Moderate Islamism,
Islamic democracy
Political position Centre-right
Chamber of Deputies
5 / 130

The Islamic Centrist Party (Arabic:حزب الوسط الاسلامي Hizb Al-Wasat Al-Islamiy) is a political party in Jordan. The party was given official licensing by the Jordanian government in December 2001. With the introduction of the new political party laws the party was re-licensed in 2008.

The Islamic Centrist Party seeks to promote political, economic, educational and social reforms on the basis of Islamic law.

The party attempts to target members of the Islamic movement. However, it is independent from the Muslim Brotherhood. The party supports a moderate form of Islam and criticizes extreme religious ideologies that do not support pluralism and promote violence. The party promotes itself as an Islamic Party that is more moderate than the Islamic Action Front.

The Islamic Centrist Party advocates the strengthening of democracy in Jordan. The party promotes pluralism, the separation of powers, and the freedom of the press. It also calls for the increasing political role of women in Jordan. Finally, the party is adamant about the creation of a Palestinian state.

The party had two members in the Jordanian Parliament from 2003-2007. As of 2009, the Party has members in municipal councils throughout Jordan.

Following the Jordanian General Election, 2013, the party became the largest party in parliament.


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