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List of political parties in Jordan

This article lists political parties in Jordan. Jordan has 30 different political parties, but apart from the oppositional Islamic Action Front and neutral Jordanian National Youth Party, none of them play a real role because of lack of organization and clear political platforms. There is no clear picture on the political parties in Jordan, but sources mention the following parties.

The Old Guard of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an unofficial political group in Jordan that was significantly powerful in Jordan during the regime of King Hussein. It reacquired influence following King Abdullah's attempt to promote transparency and political reform in Jordan as part of the National Agenda.

The Old Guard is made of 5 Jordanian Muslim families and 2 Jordanian Christian families. Although the roots of these influential groups trace back to various regions in Jordan, the oligarch nature of the group (largely tribal in structure) are in Amman, Jordan. Most Old Guards are highly educated Western professionals in various fields of Jordanian services and manufacturing industries who live and work in Amman, Jordan. Others are government officials leading various government branches.


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