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Ioseb Kechakmadze

Ioseb Kechakmadze
Ioseb kechakmadze 1 SF.jpg

Ioseb Kechakmadze (Georgian: იოსებ კეჭაყმაძე March 27, 1939, Ozurgeti – March 24, 2013, Tbilisi) was a Georgian composer. He was buried at Didube Pantheon of prominent artists and public figures of Georgia.

Kechakmadze was born in Ozurgeti in the family of Ilia Kechakmadze and Elene Oragvelidze. He studied at Batumi Z. Paliashvili Music School from 1955 and then he continued his study at Tbilisi Central Ten Year Music School specializing in choral conducting.

In 1960–1965, Kechakmadze studied at the Faculty of Composition of Tbilisi V.Sarajishvili Conservatoire, where he was supervised by Professor Iona Tuskia, Rector of the Conservatoire, and after his death, by composer David Toradze.

Kechakmadze worked for Tbilisi Teachers' Republic House as a Chorusmeister and Concertmeister, while he studied at Ten Year Music School. During his study period at Tbilisi V. Sarajishvili Conservatoire he worked with Odysseas Dimitriadis at the Faculty of Choral Conducting.

In 1966, Kechakmadze started working for the Presidium of Choreographers Society in different positions. In 1968 he started tutoring activities at Conservatoire, and from 1980–2007 he was the dean of the faculty of Choral Conducting. The degree "professor" was awarded to him in 1984.

From 1972, Kechakmadze was the head of the Department of Musical Institutions of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia, editor-in-chief of repertory – editorial board. He was Z. Paliashvili State Prize Committee's chairman from 1993 and Advisor of the Minister of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia from 2002.

Kechakmadze adapted music by Georgian composer Zacharia Paliashvili to form the national anthem of Georgia, Tavisupleba.

Ioseb Kechakmadze was married to Olga Kobakhidze and they had two sons and one daughter.



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