• Ghoomar


    • Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of Rajasthan, India and SindhPakistan. The dance is chiefly performed by veiled women who wear flowing dresses called ghaghara. The dance typically involves performers pirouetting while moving in and out of a wide circle. The word ghoomna describes the twirling movement of the dancers and is the basis of the word ghoomar. Ghoomar is often performed on special occasions, such as at weddings and during Holi, and sometimes lasts for hours.

      As a traditional dance, Ghoomar often includes traditional songs such as "Gorband", "Podina", "Rumal" and "Mor Bole Re". Songs might be centered on royal legends or their traditions.

      • "Chirmi Mhari Chirmali"
      • "Aave Hichki" - Traditional Rajasthani Ghoomar song
      • "Ghoomar"
      • "Jawai Ji Pawna" - Rajasthani folk song
      • "Taara Ri Chundadi"
      • "Mharo Gorband Nakhralo"
      • "Mhari Ghoomar"
      • "Ghoomar Re Ghoomar Re"
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    • Ghoomar