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Nightlife in Bangkok

The nightlife in Bangkok had a reputation in the past for having an element of rowdiness. Besides being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has been recently reported as having a historic drop in its crime rate. Bangkok's crime fighting program will eventually be adopted by Bangkok's neighboring cities and communities in the near future.

It has been mentioned in popular culture in Murray Head's song One Night in Bangkok with the infamous quote "One night in Bangkok can make a hard man humble." While the choruses extol Bangkok's reputation and exciting atmosphere in the song, the American in the music video would denounce the city, including its red-light district, "muddy old river" and "reclining Buddha". Bangkok is also well known for their massage parlors and the popular Eden Club; which offers "professional sexual services". One of the few rules of the Eden Club is to take two ladies that are equally skilled in pleasuring each other as the male client. Unmarried males can find sexual companionship amongst the local prostitutes.

Bangkok has also been discovered to be one of the safest and relaxed cities in the world. Their nightlife ranges from live music in jazz clubs to world-class restaurants. The once sleazy image of Bangkok at night has been virtually eradicated in the past 30 years. Bangkok is the only place in the world with pink taxi cabs that cater towards the LGBT tourists and residents. Even unescorted women can enjoy Bangkok safely and without any problems. Each bar has a different show of girls and bar games and a variety of stereos competing for the attentions of the patrons.Cabaret shows in Bangkok have a tendency to feature transgender performers. Drug violations are often handed out more severe penalties than in the Western world and statutory rape is completely frowned upon.



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