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Lowrider (magazine)

Lowrider magazine.jpg
August 2003 issue of Lowrider Magazine
Editor-in-chief Joe Ray
Categories Automobile magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Ricardo Gonzalez
Total circulation
(December 2015)
Year founded 1976
First issue January 1977
Company TEN: The Enthusiast Network
Country United States
Based in Anaheim, California
Language English
ISSN 0199-9362

Lowrider is an American automobile magazine, focusing almost exclusively on the style known as a lowrider. It first appeared in 1977, produced out of San Jose, California, by a trio of San Jose State students. As of 2007, it is published out of Anaheim, California, and part of TEN: The Enthusiast Network (formerly Source Interlink Media).

Lowrider focuses on all aspects of lowrider culture, from cars to music and fashion. It also covers political and cultural issues related to Chicanos, and funds an annual scholarship program. The magazine has also released a series of music videos through their label, Thump Records.

Lowrider's monthly circulation is less than 33,000, In 2000, the magazine's monthly circulation was more than 200,000.

Lowrider was founded in the mid-1970s by San Jose State students Larry Gonzalez, Sonny Madrid, and David Nunez, "who sought to present a voice for the Chicano community in the Bay Area." The first issue debuted in January 1977. Essentially self-distributed, the magazine struggled until the November 1979 issue, when it began pairing bikini-clad women with lowriders on the cover each issue. During this time, it also featured cartoonist David Gonzales' monthly comic strip The Adventures of Hollywood, which eventually morphed into the Homies line of toy figurines. Even so, after being taken over by its printer, Lowrider folded in December 1985.

The magazine was revived in June 1988 by original co-founder Larry Gonzalez along with brothers Alberto and Lonnie Lopez. They moved the magazine's headquarters to Fullerton, California (closer to the heart of lowrider culture), and began featuring customized trucks on the cover.

  • Lowrider Arte — quarterly magazine featuring the art of lowrider culture
  • Lowrider Bicycle — established 1993, it is marketed to preteens and young teens who customize their bicycles
  • Lowrider EurosVolkswagen and Toyota lowriders; eventually merged into Lowrider Edge
  • Lowrider Truck — lowrider pickups; eventually merged into Lowrider Edge
  • Lowrider Japan — Tokyo-based Japanese-language version, published under license
  • Lowrider Edge — "New Age Custom" lowrider cars, bikes, and trucks


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