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Amalthea (Technical Summit)

Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar
Motto Prosperity Through Technology
Founded 2010; 7 years ago (2010)
Type Nonprofit organization
Official language
Parent organization
IIT Gandhinagar

Amalthea is the annual technical summit of Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. The first summit was organised in 2010 with the belief in spreading knowledge and since then it has been organised every year during the fall. With the aim to inculcate the spirit of innovation and technological development, this summit helps to bridge the gap that exists between the industry and academia. The summit's tagline is prosperity through technology.

The summit started off with a conclave in its foremost year and has now grown into a wide array of different activities which include the Conclave, Symposium and Exhibition along with a wide range of technical events being organised in 2015. The summit also consists of a networking dinner which provides a platform for interaction between various dignitaries of the industry, pioneers of the scientific world and also students from manifold disciplines.

Amalthea, in its literal sense, is the goat who suckled the Greek God Zeus when he was a baby and is also the name of one of Jupiter's moon. The horn of Amalthea, which is the cornucopia, was broken off and filled with endless food and drink. Here, it symbolises Amalthea as spreading an abundance of knowledge and prospering the community through technology. It aims to touch lives and inspire creative thinking by showcasing ideas and thoughts through this event, the Annual Technical Summit of IIT Gandhinagar.

The Conclave of Amalthea has been held every year since its inception. A wide range of speakers are invited to speak up during the two-day-long event in which they share their experiences in their field of expertise. According to the organisers of Amalthea, ‘the conclave aims to provide the listeners with illumination regarding industry and research prospects of various fields that exist today’. Some of the previous speakers in Conclave at Amalthea are:



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