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Want to hire a part-time/full-time dentist for your clinic? Or, maybe a nurse who has expertise in dental? Does your job profile require to work with children, aged or disabled people? 

As per the legislation (although it varies from each state and territory), if your job requires any supervised or unsupervised access with vulnerable groups such as children, aged or disabled people, the employee should obtain a National Police Check or Working with Children check (WWCC).

As an employer, you must look for someone competent as well as fit to work in this industry. This can only be determined by a thorough Criminal History check of the applicant before hiring them. It can hasten the screening process as well as saves time and money. We at KONCHECK can help you with this.


KONCHECK is an accredited site of Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), and it conducts the National Police checks behalf of the applicants. An employer can also tie-up with us to manage all checks under one platform.

What types of the check are provided?

Standard Employment and Volunteer Police checks can be obtained through us.

How does it work?

Once the organisation ties up with us, they will be provided a customised dashboard. The dashboard will help the employer to track the applications processed by the employees. You (employer) can send reminders in case they delay the checks. Once the result is delivered, you can verify the authenticity of the check.

An individual who is applying for the role of a Dentist can also lodge their Police clearance application by following the simple steps.

70% of the cases, the results are delivered within 1-2 business days, depending on the complexity of the case. The smarter, faster and secure way of lodging your Police check is here. For details, visit; https://www.koncheck.com/npc

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