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Mathe Forum Schule und Studenten
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Volunteer check is required mainly for duty of care and government funding requirements. An applicant can obtain two types of checks, i.e. Police check for Volunteer and Working with Children check.

Police check for Volunteers can be obtained either through an ACIC accredited site or from the state police. In case of Working with Children check, one may have to attain it from the particular state or territory.

A Volunteer Police Check from KONCHECK is valid Australia-wide. It is a 100% online process which means there will be no hassle of paper-forms or snail-mails.

70% of the cases, the checks are delivered within 1-2 business days. If an applicant’s personal details match with a potential offender in the database, only then the check goes for a manual vetting. In order to provide an accurate result, it may take up to 10-15 days to deliver the results.

KONCHECK is fast, affordable and secure. For more info, it is recommended to go through the National Police Check.

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