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RailRecipe caters Jain food requirements for people traveling in trains. We have partnered with restaurants that offer pure Jain food in train across India.

Jain food orders can be placed one hour prior to the next station. One can order jain food in train for their family, friends and a group of travelers from RailRecipe and cut the cost on food order bill via Group order discount.

How is Jain food different?

Jain followers have some inherent practices which they follow strictly in their food habits. Some of these unique facts related to jain food are:

  • Jain food is devoid of any vegetable items which are produced under the earth crust.
  • Jain followers avoid having food after sunset.
  • Jain food is specifically and strictly vegetarian.
  • Jain food requires maintenance of strict hygiene norms.

For more info on Jain food options, just call us at 8448440386 for food ordering assistance.

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