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Mathe Forum Schule und Studenten
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Add a piglet and capture your favorite proverb or 'saying'. Remember, you are awarded 7 points for each one you add - plus a point every time another user votes for it. You can also add comments to any existing piglet.

Don't forget to give the originator credit if you know who said it! For example:

"The water never stays at one end of the bathtub" ~Derek Ashton

If you think the originator is unknown then put ~unknown or ~anon. in place of a name.

Please don't create a separate piglix for each proverb or saying - just click the green 'piglet' below to add a new piglet to this piglix.
piglix posted in Proverbs and Sayings by Galactic Guru
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"The early bird catches the worm" - or was it - "The early worm gets the bird"?

- unknown.

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Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

~George Bernard Shaw
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Is Science a guide to the reality of nature, or a guide to the nature of reality?

~ piglix


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