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Slavic neopaganism

Slavic neopaganism or the Slavic native faith is the contemporary continuation of the ethnic religion of the Slavic peoples (codified in the corpus of Slavic mythology). It is characterised by a pantheist and polytheist theology, a focus on Slavic culture and folklore, and the worship of Slavic deities. In English sources the religion is often called Rodnovery and its followers Rodnovers (an adaptation of Russian terms Родноверие Rodnoverie, from Russian родная вера rodnaya vera, "native faith"). The term Ridnoviry, from Ukrainian, is also in use.

Some Slavic native faith groups also incorporate elements of Hinduism and Vedism.

Rodnovery comes from Slavic compounds adapted to English (from Rodnoverie), made up of родная (rodnaya) or родной (rodnoy), meaning "native", plus вера (vera), meaning "faith" or "truth". Rodnovers generally don't refuse to be categorised as pagans, but virtually none accept the prefix "". Rodnovery can also be anglicised as Rodism or Rodianism, which drops the vera suffix, thus meaning simply "religion of the Rod", "religion of the Root(s)", "religion of the Ancestors".

According to Kaarina Aitamurto, "Rodnovery" is the most used and most appropriate term to define the ethnic religion of the Slavs because, aside from its immediate meaning, it has deeper senses related to its Slavic etymology that would be lost through translation. According to this view "Rodnovery" is a word that embodies the central concept of the Slavic native faith. The noun "Rodnovery" can be found across all Slavic languages in various forms: Bulgarian - Родноверие (Rodnoverie); Czech - Rodnověří; Macedonian - Родноверие (Rodnoverie); Polish - Rodzimowierstwo; Russian - Родянство (Rodyanstvo); Serbian or Croatian - Родноверје / Rodnovjerje; Slovak - Rodnoverie; Slovene - Rodnoverstvo; Ukrainian - Рідновірство (Ridnovirstvo).



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