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Selznick International Pictures

Selznick International Pictures was a Hollywood motion picture studio created by David O. Selznick in 1935, and dissolved in 1943. In its short existence the independent studio produced two films that received the Academy Award for Best PictureGone with the Wind (1939) and Rebecca (1940)—and three that were nominated, A Star Is Born (1937), Since You Went Away (1944) and Spellbound (1945).

In the Tradition of Quality

Selznick International Pictures was founded in 1935 by producer David O. Selznick and investor Jock Whitney after Selznick left Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and leased a section of the RKO Pictures lot in Culver City, California. The studio itself had been built in 1918–19 by film pioneer Thomas Ince. When Ince died in 1924 the studio was taken over by Cecil B. DeMille. Eventually Pathe took over and then in the 1930s it became part of RKO. In 1957 it would become part of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's company, Desilu.

Selznick leased offices at the studio during the first year or so and at the beginning of 1937 Selznick International Pictures took over the entire lot. The SIP name went up over the entrance of the historic Southern Plantation style administration building and that view of the front of the building became the iconic studio logo seen at the beginning of SIP films. Even though the studio reverted to RKO in the 1940s, Selznick kept offices there for the rest of his life.

Selznick raised the initial funding of US$400,000 in Los Angeles, with half of that amount coming from his brother Myron Selznick, a Hollywood agent, and the other half from MGM production chief Irving Thalberg and his wife actress Norma Shearer. He raised an additional $300,000 from "small" investors in New York, and then the final $2.4 million from Jock Whitney and his family. Whitney himself became chairman of the board, and Selznick president, of the new company.

Release Date Title Notes
March 6, 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy
November 19, 1936 Garden of Allah, TheThe Garden of Allah
April 30, 1937 Star Is Born, AA Star Is Born
September 3, 1937 Prisoner of Zenda, TheThe Prisoner of Zenda
November 26, 1937 Nothing Sacred
February 11, 1938 Adventures of Tom Sawyer, TheThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer
October 27, 1938 Young in Heart, TheThe Young in Heart
February 10, 1939 Made for Each Other
September 22, 1939 Intermezzo: A Love Story
December 15, 1939 Gone with the Wind Distributed by Loew's, Inc.
April 12, 1940 Rebecca
Release Date Title Notes
May 18, 1944 Reward Unlimited Short film distributed by the Office of War Information
July 20, 1944 Since You Went Away
January 5, 1945 I'll Be Seeing You
December 28, 1945 Spellbound
May 8, 1947 Duel in the Sun Distributed by Selznick Releasing Organization
January 8, 1948 Paradine Case, TheThe Paradine Case Distributed by Selznick Releasing Organization
December 24, 1948 Portrait of Jennie Distributed by Selznick Releasing Organization

  • 1943: Jock Whitney sold to Film Classics, Inc. the rights to A Star Is Born and Nothing Sacred (both of which were actually owned by Pioneer Pictures), and the Selznick International productions Little Lord Fauntleroy, Made for Each Other, and The Young in Heart.
  • 1947: Cinecolor Corporation acquired Film Classics, Inc.
  • 1949: Cinecolor Corp. resold the company to Film Classics' officers.
  • 1950: Film Classics was merged with Eagle-Lion Films to form Eagle Lion Classics.
  • 1951: When Eagle Lion Classics collapsed, United Artists acquired its assets.


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