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Poolajada is a Telugu word, Poovulu- Flowers, Jada- Braided Hair

Wearing Flowers in Hair is very common in Indian culture and had been done ages. Poolajada is an age old tradition but for many it's a fragrant childhood memory! The best thing about this custom is that it makes a little girl feel like a princess without much effort. South Indian Girls wear poolajada during summer holidays with jasmine from their backyard. During 19th Century, many young girls have their picture framed with poolajada on wall.

Half- saree functions, puberty functions and weddings are the most common occasions where girls wear poolajada. With latest innovative poolajada designs, many young girls are reviving the trend of wearing poolajada. North Indian girls wear at least few flowers in hair bun for weddings.

Jasmine flower is the favorite flower of Indian women, and Indian women wore tied jasmine strings in hair from centuries. Making poolajada with jasmine also dates to 19 century. Lilies, tuberose, jasmine and roses are the most common flowers these days, but the new additions of orchids and carnation poolajada is the picking up trend . Not only natural flowers, sprayed flowers are also being used to match saree color.

Present day young girls rarely wear poolajada, but the culture revived by latest additions of colorful dress matching poolajada by many online startups like Pellipoolajada and Poojadai. Indians migrated to Other countries also order artificial flower poolajada and wear them for occasions in foreign land

Billa jada- where poolajada is completed by tying one billa after the other Net jada- Transparent poolajada where floral net is tied on jada Single piece jada- Single piece poolajada

Venis are the semi-circular top portion of poolajada Hair extension is used to make hair longer Kunjal, jada kuppulu are the bottom most 3 hangings of poolajada

Poolajadas are availalble with ready made threads, which can be tied after wearing the hair extension and jada kuppulu

In today's world when large gardens have become a rarity and apartments have become the norm of life, ready made poolajadas are a blessing in disguise. Basic models costing 200-500Rs can be bought in flower market, and designer ones for 2000-15000/- Rs from firms like Pellipoolajada, Vaagai, Anooflowerjewellery, Jewelblooms. These online firms mostly operating through Facebook keep fragrant tradition alive and help make beautiful memories last forever.



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