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Muhammad V of Kelantan

Muhammad V
Yang di-Pertuan Agong XV
Al-Sultan of Kelantan
Sultan muhammad v kelantan.jpg
Yang di-Pertuan Agong
Reign 13 December 2016 – present
Installation April 2017 (tentative)
Predecessor Abdul Halim of Kedah
Prime Ministers Najib Razak
Sultan of Kelantan
Reign 13 September 2010 – present
Predecessor Ismail Petra
Heir presumptive Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra
Chief Ministers
Born (1969-10-06) 6 October 1969 (age 47)
Kota Bharu, Malaysia
Spouse Tengku Zubaidah Tengku Nuruddin (divorced)
House House of Long Senik
Father Ismail Petra of Kelantan
Mother Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid
Religion Sunni Islam
Styles of
Muhammad V
Flag of the Supreme Head of Malaysia.svg
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Tuanku

HM Sultan Muhammad V, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong

HRH Sultan Ismail Petra, Sultan's father
HRH Raja Perempuan Tengku Anis, Sultan's mother

Muhammad V (previously known as Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra; born 6 October 1969) is the 15th and the current Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and the Sultan of Kelantan. He was proclaimed Sultan of Kelantan on 13 September 2010, succeeding his father, Sultan Ismail Petra, who was deemed incapacitated by illness. He was proclaimed as Yang di-Pertuan Agong (head of state of Malaysia) on 13 December 2016.

However, lawyers acting on behalf of Ismail Petra have filed a petition to the Federal Court to have the appointment of the Crown Prince as the Sultan of Kelantan nullified, citing the appointment as unconstitutional.

Born Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra ibni Sultan Ismail Petra in Kota Bharu, he was made Crown Prince (Tengku Mahkota) in October 1985. He attended St Cross College, Oxford and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies for diplomatic studies, graduating in 1991.

In May 2009, his father, Sultan Ismail Petra, suffered a major stroke. Sultan Ismail Petra was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore and Faris was appointed Regent on 25 May in the Sultan's absence. On 16 September 2009, Faris dismissed his younger brother, the Tengku Temenggong of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra, from the Succession Council, which has the power to determine succession to the throne should the Sultan be permanently incapacitated.

Fakhry filed an application at the High Court challenging his dismissal in December, and issued a letter to the state secretary purportedly from the Sultan reversing all actions and decisions made by the Regent, Faris. In January 2010, the High Court rejected Fakhry's application.



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