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Ministry of Finance (Singapore)

Ministry of Finance
MOF logo.jpg
The Treasury, Dec 05.JPG
The Ministry of Finance, Singapore is headquartered at The Treasury on High Street, Singapore
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters The Treasury
Employees 1523
Annual budget Increase$683.69 million SGD (2010)
Ministers responsible
Agency executives
  • Peter Ong Boon Kwee, Permanent Secretary
  • Lim Soo Hoon, Permanent Secretary (Finance) (Performance)
  • Yee Ping Yi, Deputy Secretary (Policy)
  • Ngien Hoon Ping, Deputy Secretary (Performance)
Child agencies
Website www.mof.gov.sg

The Ministry of Finance (Abbreviation: MOF; Malay: Kementerian Kewangan; Chinese: 财政部; Tamil: நிதி அமைச்சு) is a ministry of the Government of Singapore responsible for administering and regulating financial institutions and structures of the economy of Singapore. It is headed by the Minister for Finance.

The authority's main regulatory statutes are Accountants Act, Accounting Standards Partnerships Act, Business Registration Act, Companies Act and Limited Partnerships Act and the Limited Liability Partnerships Act. Guidelines and rules are constantly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant to the business and financial environment and are done in close consultation with industry experts and key stakeholders.

The MOF functions within the government to ensure that businesses operating within Singapore's jurisdiction are compatible with international standards and practices, in areas such as company law, accounting standards and corporate governance principles.

MOF's mission is to create a better Singapore through Finance.

MOF's vision is a forward-looking ministry that advances leading ideas, drives synergies across the government and ensures fiscal prudence.

MOF's strategic outcomes are sound public finances, growth with opportunity for all and high-performance government.

Every year, the Ministry of Finance prepares the Singapore Budget and the Minister for Finance presents the Budget to the Parliament before the new financial year begins. The Budget reflects the approved expenditure and the usage of government funds of the past financial year as well as the planned government revenue and expenditures for the following financial year. Following the delivery of the Budget Statement in Parliament, Members of Parliament will debate on the statement and the proposed Budget for the following financial year. Upon approval, the Parliament will give its approval by passing the Supply Bill. The President’s assent will then be sought to allow the Bill to come into effect. Once the President gives its assent to the Supply Bill, it is then enacted as law known as the Supply Act. The Supply Act controls the Government’s spending in the following financial year.


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