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Metropolitan municipality (South Africa)

In South Africa, a metropolitan municipality (Tswana: mmasepala wa toropokgolo; Sotho: masepala wa metropholithene; Northern Sotho: mmasepala wa metropholithene; Afrikaans: metropolitaanse munisipaliteit; Zulu: umasipala wedolobhakazi; Southern Ndebele: umasipaladi wedorobha elikhulu; Xhosa: umasipala ombaxa; Swazi: umkhandludolobha welidolobha lelikhulu; Venda: masipala wa ḓorobo khulwane; Tsonga: masipala wa dorobankulu) or Category A municipality is a municipality which executes all the functions of local government for a city or conurbation. This is by contrast to areas which are primarily rural, where the local government is divided into district municipalities and local municipalities.

The Constitution, section 155.1.a, defines "Category A" municipalities. In the Municipal Structures Act it is laid out that this type of local government is to be used for conurbations, "centre[s] of economic activity", areas "for which integrated development planning is desirable", and areas with "strong interdependent social and economic linkages".

The metropolitan municipality is similar to the consolidated city-county in the USA, although a South African metropolitan municipality is created by notice of the provincial government, not by agreement between district and local municipalities.


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