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List of French regions and overseas collectivities by GDP

This article lists French regions and overseas collectivities by gross domestic product (GDP).

Introduction INSEE and affiliate statistical offices in the overseas collectivities produce estimates of GDP in France's 27 regions and 6 overseas collectivities (including the special collectivity of New Caledonia) every year, except in Mayotte and in some overseas collectivities where GDP estimates are made only every few years. Note that the number of regions changed in 2016 and is now 18.

In 2011, France (whose territory in the national accounts refers to Metropolitan France plus the four old overseas regions of Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, and Réunion, but excludes Mayotte and the six overseas collectivities) had a GDP of US$2,778 bn, 98.2% of which was produced in Metropolitan France, and 1.8% in the four overseas regions.

Île-de-France (the Paris Region) has a much higher GDP per capita than the rest of France, due to its position as one of the "command centres" for the global economy, as well as its relatively low share of retirees. Outside Île-de-France, the 21 other regions of Metropolitan France show remarkably little disparity in their GDPs per capita.

The "poorest" region of Metropolitan France outside Île-de-France in 2011, Limousin, had a GDP per capita which was three-quarter the level of the richest region, Rhône-Alpes. This is in contrast to most neighbours of France where regional disparities are much more marked (East Germany vs West Germany, southern Spain and Italy vs northern Spain and Italy, Wallonia vs Flanders).


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