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Ligovo (Russian: Лигово) is a historical area of the federal city of Saint Petersburg (Russia). It is located in the southern part of the city on the road leading to Petergof.

A settlement of east Slavs existed on the site of modern Ligovo from the 8th-9th centuries CE. Since then, Ligovo has been a court manor, an exemplary farm, a town, and a battleground during World War II. Currently, it is a suburb of Saint Petersburg, mostly composed of 1960s buildings. It is part of Uritsk Municipal Okrug, Krasnoselsky District.

Liiha is the name of the Izhorian village which is mentioned for the first time in annals named Vodskaya pyatina in 1500.

The name is derived from a small river previously called Liiha (from Finnish: Liiha: dirt, slush). Nowadays this is called the Dudergofka river. The settlement is shown on Swedish maps of 15th century as "Liihala" or "Liihankulla".

For over 1,000 years the East Slavs have lived peacefully along the Neva River and areas on the southern coast of gulf of Finland alongside the less numerous local Finno-Ugrian tribes. From the 12th century these territories were part of the large feudal state of the Northwest of Russia — Lord of Great Novgorod (Russian: Господин Великий Новгород). By the 15th century, Novgorod territory became part of Russian centralised state.

At the beginning of a 17th-century, the expanding Swedish Empire spread to the southern coast of gulf of Finland. However following the Great Northern War, Russian victory in 1721, ensured the return of these territories to the Russian crown.



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