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Help:Multilingual support (Ethiopic)

The Ge'ez alphabet (Ethiopic script), is used in East Africa for the Agaw languages, Amharic language, Gurage languages, and the Tigrinya language among others. The syllabary evolved from the script for classical Ge'ez, which is now a liturgical language.

Macintosh OS X has supported Ethiopic since 2010 with the 'Kefa' font. The Ge'ez alphabet is not a standard font installation on most computers and must be added by the user. In order to view Ethiopic fonts, you only need a unicode Ethiopic font in your computer's font folder. Once the font is installed, you may need to restart your Web browser in order to make it recognize the newly installed fonts.

Only a font is needed to view Ethiopic script. A keyboard driver is required only if you also wish to write text in the script.