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Green Party of Switzerland

Green Party of Switzerland
German name Grüne Partei der Schweiz (GPS)
French name Les verts – Parti écologiste suisse (PES)
Italian name I Verdi – Partito ecologista svizzero (PES)
Romansh name La Verda – Partida ecologica svizra
President Regula Rytz (since 2016)
Members of the Federal Council None
Founded 28 May 1983; 33 years ago (28 May 1983)
Headquarters Waisenhausplatz 21
CH-3011 Bern
Membership  (2015) 7,500
Ideology Green politics
Social progressivism
Political position Left-wing
European affiliation European Green Party
International affiliation Global Greens
National Council
11 / 200
Council of States
1 / 46
Cantonal Executives
7 / 154
Cantonal legislatures
176 / 2,609

Swiss Federal Council
Federal Chancellor
Federal Assembly
Council of States (members)
National Council (members)

The Green Party of Switzerland (German: Grüne Partei der Schweiz; French: Les verts – Parti écologiste suisse; Italian: I Verdi – Partito ecologista svizzero; Romansh: La Verda – Partida ecologica svizra; "The Greens – Swiss ecological party") is the fifth-largest party in the National Council of Switzerland, and the largest party that is not represented on the Federal Council.

The first Green party in Switzerland was founded as a local party in 1971 in the town of Neuchâtel. In 1979, Daniel Brélaz was elected to the National Council as the first Green MP on the national level (in Switzerland and in the world). Local and regional Green parties and organisations were founded in many different towns and cantons in the following years.

In 1983, two different national green party federations were created: in May, diverse local green groups came together in Fribourg to form the Federation of Green Parties of Switzerland, and in June, some left-alternative groups formed the Green Alternative Party of Switzerland in Bern. In 1990, an attempt to combine these organisations failed. Afterwards, some of the member groups from the Green Alternative Party joined the Federation of Green Parties which has become the de facto national Green party. In 1993, the Federation of Green Parties changed its name to the Green Party of Switzerland.

In 1986, the first two Green members of a cantonal government become members of the Regierungsrat of Bern.

In 1987, the Green Party of Switzerland joined the European Federation of Green Parties.

In the 1990s, members of the Green Party became town mayors, members of the high court and even president of a cantonal government (Verena Diener in 1999).



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