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Day of the Foundation of the Republic (North Korea)

Day of the Foundation of the Republic
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Also called Independence Day
Observed by  North Korea
Significance P (1912)
Observances Visits to statues of Kim Il-sung and his mausoleum, fireworks, performances, sports competitions, folk dances
Date 9 September
Next time 9 September 2017 (2017-09-09)
Frequency annual
Related to Day of the Shining Star (16 February), Day of the Sun (15 April), Party Foundation Day (10 October), Constitution Day (27 December)

Day of the Foundation of the Republic (Korean: 인민정권 창건일) is the Republic day and National day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The Day of the Foundation of the Republic is one of the most important holidays of the country, along with the Day of the Sun (birthday of Kim Il-sung), Day of the Shining Star (birthday of Kim Jong-il) and Party Foundation Day.

Following the Liberation of Korea in 1945 by the Soviet and American forces, a communist Soviet military regime was set up in the northern part of Korea. A new Supreme People's Assembly was elected in August 1948, and on September 3 a new constitution was promulgated. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea was proclaimed on September 9, with Kim Il-sung as Premier. Because the date is September 9, it is also called simply 9 · 9 (old version).

The holiday is celebrated throughout the country.

On this day, events such as art performances, exhibitions, athletic events, and reports are held.

It is common for new children to be admitted to the Young Pioneer Corps on the day.