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Catalan Braille

Catalan Braille
Languages Catalan
Parent systems
Print basis
Catalan alphabet

Catalan Braille is the braille alphabet of the Catalan language. It is very close to French Braille: it uses the 26 letters of the basic braille alphabet, plus several additional letters for ç and what are, in print, vowel letters with diacritics; these differ from their French values only in the need to accommodate the Catalan acute accent: ú, ó, í for what are in French Braille ù, œ, ì :

Print digraphs are written as digraphs in braille as well.

The middot is used to distinguish double-el ⟨l·l⟩, , from the digraph ⟨ll⟩, .

The capital sign needs to be repeated for each letter of an initialism, so ACIC is .


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