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Translations of
English decorum,
Pali ottappa
Sanskrit apatrapya, apatrāpya
Chinese 愧(T) / 愧(S)
(RR: goi)
Tibetan ཁྲེལ་ཡོད་པ།
(Wylie: khrel yod pa;
THL: trelyö pa
Glossary of Buddhism

Apatrapya (Sanskrit, also apatrāpya; Pali: ottappa; Tibetan Wylie: khrel yod pa) is a Buddhist term translated as "decorum" or "shame". It is defined as shunning unwholesome actions so as to not be reproached by others of good character. It is one of the virtuous mental factors within the Abhidharma teachings.

The Abhidharma-samuccaya states:

The difference between hri (self-respect) and apatrapya (decorum) is that hri means to refrain from unwholesome actions due to one's own conscious, while apatrapya means to refrain from unwholesome actions to avoid being reproached by others.



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