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1952 in music

List of years in music (table)

This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1952.

These singles reached the top of US Billboard magazine's charts in 1952.

The following singles achieved the highest chart positions in the limited set of charts available for 1952.

First week Number of weeks Title Artist
March 15, 1952 9 "Wheel of Fortune" Kay Starr
May 17, 1952 5 "Blue Tango" Leroy Anderson
June 21, 1952 2 "Here in My Heart" Al Martino
July 5, 1952 1 "Delicado" Percy Faith & his Orchestra
July 12, 1952 9 "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" Vera Lynn
September 13, 1952 5 "You Belong to Me" Jo Stafford
October 18, 1952 5 "I Went to Your Wedding" Patti Page
November 22, 1952 1 "It's in the Book" Johnny Standley
November 29, 1952 4 "Why Don't You Believe Me?" Joni James
December 27, 1952 2 "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" Jimmy Boyd
# Artist Title Year Country Chart entries
1 Percy Faith Delicado 1952 Canada US 1940s 1 – Apr 1952, US 1 for 1 weeks Jul 1952, Peel list 1 of 1951, US BB 18 of 1952, POP 18 of 1952, Italy 26 of 1952, RYM 127 of 1952
2 Jo Stafford You Belong to Me 1952 US UK 1 – Nov 1952, US 1940s 1 – Aug 1952, US 1 for 5 weeks Sep 1952, US BB 4 of 1952, POP 4 of 1952, RYM 145 of 1952
3 Al Martino Here in My Heart 1952 US UK 1 – Nov 1952, US 1940s 1 – May 1952, US 1 for 2 weeks Jun 1952, US BB 20 of 1952, POP 20 of 1952, RYM 22 of 1952
4 Kay Starr Wheel of Fortune 1952 US US 1940s 1 – Feb 1952, US 1 for 9 weeks Mar 1952, Peel list 3 of 1952, US BB 8 of 1952, POP 8 of 1952, DDD 35 of 1952, Acclaimed 2343
5 Frankie Laine High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) 1952 US Oscar in 1952, US BB 3 of 1952, POP 3 of 1952, US 1940s 5 – Jul 1952, UK 7 – Nov 1952, RYM 34 of 1952, Italy 48 of 1952
Composer Composition Date Location Performers
Arnold, Malcolm English Dances, set 2, Op. 33 1952-08-05 United Kingdom London (Proms) BBC SymphonySargent
Beck, Conrad Hymne 1952-10-11 West Germany Donaueschingen (Musiktage) SWF SymphonyRosbaud
Berio, Luciano Due pezzi for violin and piano 1952–?-? United States Lenox, MA (Tanglewood MF) Lorin Maazel (violin), Seymour Lipkin (piano)
Cage, John 4′33″ 1952-08-29 United States Woodstock, NY Tudor
Chávez, Carlos Violin Concerto 1952-02-29 Mexico Mexico City Viviane Bertolami (violin), OSN – Chávez
Michel Ciry () [chamber-music work] 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) [faculty and students of the Ferienkurse]
Cowell, Henry Symphony No. 7, for chamber orchestra 1952-11-25 United States Baltimore Baltimore Little OrchestraStewart
Dallapiccola, Luigi Tartiniana 1952-03-04 Switzerland Bern
dall'Oglio, Renzo Espressioni (5) for orchestra 1952-07-20 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Landestheaterorchester DarmstadtMaderna
Engelmann, Hans Ulrich Orchester-Phantasie 1952-07-20 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Landestheaterorchester DarmstadtMaderna
Wolfgang Fortner Isaacs Opferung, oratory scene 1952-10-12 West Germany Donaueschingen (Musiktage) Sudock, Krebs, Rehfuss / SWF SymphonyRosbaud
Fricker, Peter Racine Concerto for Cor Anglais and Orchestra 1952-07-20 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Hartung / Landestheaterorchester DarmstadtMaderna
Ginastera, Alberto Piano Sonata No. 1 1952-11-29 United States Pittsburgh (ICMF) Harris
Goeyvaerts, Karel Violin Concerto No. 2 1952-07-20 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Gertler / Landestheaterorchester DarmstadtMaderna
Hindemith, Paul Die Harmonie der Welt Symphony 1952-01-25 Switzerland Basel Basel Chamber OrchestraSacher
Hummel, Bertold Missa brevis 1951 1952-10-12 West Germany Donaueschingen (Musiktage) Domchor FreiburgStemmer
Husa, Karel [chamber-music work] 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) [faculty and students of the Ferienkurse]
Jolivet, André Harp Concerto 1952-10-12 West Germany Donaueschingen (Musiktage) Laskine / SWF SymphonyRosbaud
Klebe, Giselher Nocturnes (2) for orchestra 1952-07-20 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Landestheaterorchester DarmstadtMaderna
Kubik, Gail Symphony Concertante [1952 Pulitzer] 1952-01-07 United States New York City The Little OrchestraScherman
Lokshin, Aleksandr Hungarian Fantasy for violin and orchestra 1952–?-? Soviet Union Moscow Sitkovetsky / USSR Radio SymphonySanderling
Maderna, Bruno Musica su due dimensioni for flute, cymbals and tape 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Gazzelloni, Grano
Malipiero, G. Francesco Sinfonia dello Zodiaco 1952-01-23 Switzerland Lausanne Orchestre de la Suisse RomandeSanzogno
Martin, Frank Violin Concerto 1952-01-24 Switzerland Basel Schneeberger / Basel Chamber OrchestraSacher
Martinů, Bohuslav Piano Trio No. 3 1952-02-25 United States New York City Mannes Trio
Martinů, Bohuslav Serenade for Two Clarinets and String Trio 1952-01-04 United States New York City McGinnis, Cerminara, J. Fuchs, L. Fuchs, Greenhouse
Martinů, Bohuslav Stowe Pastorals 1952-05-07 Switzerland Basel Trapp Family Ensemble
Mennin, Peter String Quartet No. 2 1952-02-24 United States New York City Juilliard Quartet
Messiaen, Olivier Le merle noir 1952-06-? France Paris Contestants of the Conservatory's flute competition + Lee
Montsalvatge, Xavier Cuarteto indiano 1952-05-04 Spain Madrid National Chamber Music Association
Nono, Luigi España en el corazón 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Dumaine, Hildebrandt / Ferienkurse, Landestheater OrchestraMaderna1
Panufnik, Andrzej Heroic Overture (2nd version) 1952-05-16 Poland Warsaw Warsaw PhilharmonicRowicki
Pettersson, Allan Concerto for Strings No. 1 1952-04-06 Sweden Stockholm Swedish Radio SymphonyMann
Prokofiev, Sergei Symphony-Concerto for cello and orchestra 1952-02-18 Soviet Union Moscow Rostropovich / Moscow Youth OrchestraRichter
Prokofiev, Sergei Symphony No. 7 1952-10-11 Soviet Union Moscow USSR Radio SymphonySamosud
Rubbra, Edmund String Quartet No. 2 in E-flat, Op. 73 1952-05-11 United Kingdom London (Victoria and Albert Museum) Griller Quartet
Shostakovich, Dmitri Preludes and Fugues (24) for piano 1952-12-23 Soviet Union Leningrad Nikolayeva
Kreuzspiel 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Grano, Wildgans, Sandt, Rosmann, Maderna, Trumpfheller, Geppert
1952-10-11 West Germany Donaueschingen (Musiktage)2 SWF Radio SymphonyRosbaud
Stravinsky, Igor Cantata 1952-11-11 United States Los Angeles Los Angeles Symphony SocietyIgor Stravinsky
Togni, Camillo Omaggio a Bach for two pianos 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Gerd Kämper, Togni
Wildberger, Jacques () Quartet for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello 1952-07-21 West Germany Darmstadt (Ferienkurse) Mertens, Rosokowsky, Stier, Huth
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois Oboe Concerto 1952-10-11 West Germany Donaueschingen (Musiktage) Schneider / SWF SymphonyRosbaud



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