• Jalore District

    Jalore District

    • Jalore District (English/Rajasthani: जालोर ज़िला) is a district of Rajasthan state in western India. The city of Jalore is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district has an area of 10,640 km2 (4,108 sq mi) (3.11 percent of Rajasthan's area), and a population of 1,448,486 (2001 census), with a population density of 136 persons per square kilometre.

      The district is bounded on the northwest by Barmer District, on the northeast by Pali District, on the southeast by Sirohi District, and by Banaskantha District of Gujarat state on the southwest. The total area of the district is 10,640 km2 (4,108 sq mi). The altitude is 268 mts, latitude is 25.22 N and longitude is 72.58 E.

      Physiographically, the district is oblong in shape, extending up to Rann of Kutch (Gujarat). The region is generally plain but for some scattered thickly wooded hills in the north and some hillocks in the centre. The eastern portion of the district is rocky while the western tract is a roughly plain dotted with Sand dunes & sand ridges. In respect of its geological formation, most part of district is formed of fourth century modern century deposits. These deposits can be seen in Grid pattern formed by sand (Balu), new alluvial and old alluvial Soils. In Bhinmal Teshil's South Eastern part of Jaswantpur, highest mountains of the district are situated. the highest peak is Sundha (991 meters, 3252 feet).Luni River is the main river in the district with its tributaries Jawai, Khari, Sukri, Bandi, and Sagi. All the rivers are seasonal.

      There are five sub-units Ahore, Jalore, Bhinmal, Raniwara and Sanchore.

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