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    Encyclopedia of White Power

    • Encyclopedia of White Power
      Encyclopedia of White Power (book cover).jpg
      Editor Jeffrey Kaplan
      Publisher AltaMira Press
      Publication date
      Pages 585 pp.
      OCLC 42889808

      Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right is a reference book edited by Jeffrey Kaplan. It focuses on the White Power movement, mainly United States groups and individuals (with a few Norwegian and Swedish groups and individuals also included).

      In addition to contributions by academics, it includes entries by far-right-wing people, as well as a section of primary sources. Kaplan's criteria for inclusion was that "the movements and individuals should be (i) strongly racialist, (ii) revolutionary, and (iii) have a strong religious streak." He approached contributors with the requirement that the authors "write an entry that would 'neither demonize nor proselytize, but would leave an accurate and unbiased historical record.'" It contains analysis of the organizations and philosophies in the white power movement and the inter-relationships that exist between the movement's leaders and groups. It was published by Altamira Press, a division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., as a 585-page hardcover in 2000 ().

      Moreover, at the end of this quest, I did find something even more remarkable than the fact that "we" and "they" are both human beings and have important commonalties. This discovery was more unsettling still, for just as Doug Milford had warned, I found that there IS genuine evil in the world. It is rare. It is subtle. But it is real.

      By demonizing the many, we cloak the few, and, however unwittingly, ourselves facilitate the existence of evil in the world.

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