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Seven Wonders of Serbia

The Seven Wonders of Serbia (Serbian: Седам српских чуда/ Sedam srpskih čuda) are the seven historical and cultural monuments of Serbia, which were chosen in the Seven Wonders of Serbia contest held in 2007 and 2008. It was organized by Politika Magazin, while main patron of the contest was Tourist Organisation of Serbia.

Contest separated two lists of seven wonders. One is known as "Seven Serbian Wonders of Construction", equivalent of Seven Wonders of the World, while other one is called "Seven Serbian Wonders of Nature", equivalent of Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

The seven wonders comprise:

Image Wonder Location Date Notable features
Belgrade Kalemegdan&Pobednik.JPG Belgrade Fortress Belgrade AD 535 Pobednik monument, Despot Stefan Tower, Gate of Charles VI, Gate of Karađorđe, Ružica Church, Museum of Natural History, Military Museum, Belgrade Zoo, Tomb of People's Heroes
Sarganska osmica 2.jpg Šargan Eight Šargan to Mokra Gora 1925 A narrow-gauge heritage railway. Location of Drvengrad, a traditional village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica had built for his film Life Is a Miracle.
STUDENICA MONASTERY.jpg Studenica monastery Near Kraljevo, Raška District 1196 Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance and UNESCO World Heritage Site
Romuliana peristyle.jpg Gamzigrad (Felix Romuliana) Near Zaječar, Zaječar District AD 298 Roman compound with two temples, two palaces and a building with corridor including exceptionally fine mosaics depicting Greek Dionysus and Medusa.
Dečani3.jpg Visoki Dečani Near Peć, Peć District, Kosovo 1327 UNESCO World Heritage Site, also notable because of a collection of numerous exceptional wall frescoes. Located in the disputed region of Kosovo.
St. Sava Temple.jpg Church of Saint Sava Vračar, Belgrade 1989 The church bells are tuned to play "Hymn to Saint Sava", and can be heard in the entire city.
Subotica townhall at night.jpg Subotica City Hall Subotica 1908–10 Best known example of Art Nouveau architecture in Serbia
Image Wonder Location Notable features
Drina river-4.JPG Drina with spring Forms border with Bosnia and Herzegovina
Uvac River and Eagle.jpg Uvac Rises on Ninaja, flows through Pešter and Zlatibor District
Djavolja varos 3.jpg Đavolja Varoš Radan, Toplica District 202 pointed formations described as earth pyramids or "towers". The name means "Devil's Town." New Seven Wonders of Nature finalist.
Tara jezero Djurici.jpg Tara National Park Dinaric Alps, Stari Vlah One of five national parks of Serbia
IJzeren Poort 2.jpg Iron Gate (Đerdap) On the border with Romania Longest and largest gorge in Europe
Suva prerast2.jpg Vratna Gates Vratna river, Bor District Three massive natural stone bridges over the river.
Jezero01.jpg Fruška Gora Vojvodina National Park, and home to 16 monasteries built between the 12th and 15th centuries.



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