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Robert L. McKenzie

Robert L. McKenzie
Robert L. McKenzie.jpg
Born Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.
Nationality American
Fields Politics, Domestic Policy, International Affairs, National Security, Forced Migration, Refugees
Institutions Brookings Institution
Alma mater University of London (PhD)
Georgetown University (MA)
Michigan State University (BA)

Robert L. McKenzie, Ph.D., commonly known as Bobby McKenzie, is a domestic and foreign policy analyst, public commentator, and scholar of the Middle East and North Africa. An anthropologist by training, his current work largely focuses on forced migration, displaced persons, refugees, and diaspora-related issues. McKenzie is a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution, a former Democratic nominee for Michigan's 11th congressional district, and a former Senior Advisor at the US Department of State.

At the Brookings Institution, McKenzie's research and writing centers on the Syrian refugee crisis and Muslim communities in the West. In 2016, McKenzie has written for, appeared with, or been cited by: Bloomberg News;CNN;Detroit Free Press;The Guardian;The New York Times;The Washington Post; and The Washington Times. McKenzie has also convened or participated in major Brookings events: On February 19, McKenzie provided introductory remarks for a public discussion between Leon Wieseltier and Syrian refugees entitled "Who we really are: A conversation with Syrian refugees in America." On March 15, 2016, McKenzie moderated a public conversation on the Syrian refugee crisis with Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. McKenzie has also been involved in a Brookings research project looking at the migrant and refugee situation at the local and city-level in Germany.



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