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Pumletnpat is a small lake situated about 68 km south of Imphal, the capital of Manipur, and about 45 km from Thoubal. This fresh-water lake is the second largest in the state after Loktak Lake. People situated around this lake depend on fishery products for their livelihood. The lake plays an important role in lives of the towns nearby. There are plenty of small islands on this lake; people started settling on these islands, and the lake is now on the verge of extinction due to human encroachment.

Ithai dam, one of the important dams related to the Loktak Lift Irrigation is situated at southwest corner of this lake. Pumlet lake or Pumletpat is on the verge of extinction due to human settlement and encroachments in and around this lake. The floating plankton, or phumdi as it is called locally, is one of the important source of fishery products as waterbodies and the fishes can easily get adapted to this place for food and shelter.



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