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New7Wonders Cities

New7Wonders Cities is the third in a series of Internet-based polls operated by the New7Wonders Foundation which is started by businessman Bernard Weber based in Zürich, Switzerland. Weber’s latest campaign to find the best cities in the world aimed to showcase the "cities that best represent the achievements and aspirations of our global urban civilization".

The global competition began with more than 1200 nominees from 220 countries. That list was reduced to 77, since there was a limit of one city per country. Then the 77 remaining cities were narrowed down by a panel of experts headed by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former director-general of UNESCO, to 28 suggestions. Following the announcement of the 28 finalists, the winning seven cities were chosen by voters from around the world. Announced in 2011, it culminated in 2014 with the choice of 7 cities, being the winners the following: Beirut, Doha, Durban, Havana, Kuala Lumpur, La Paz and Vigan.

It follows New7Wonders of the World and New7Wonders of Nature.

City Country Image Established
Beirut Lebanon Lebanon Beirutnorth.jpg 3000 BC
Doha Qatar Qatar Doha skyline in the morning (12544910974).jpg 1825
Durban South Africa South Africa ZA-Durban-straende.jpg 1880
Havana Cuba Cuba Vista desde el NH Parque Central - panoramio.jpg 1515
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Skyline-03.jpg 1859
La Paz Bolivia Bolivia La Paz-center.jpg 1548
Vigan Philippines Philippines Calle Crisologo, Vigan Ilocos Sur.JPG 1572



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