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Navy Day

Several nations observe or have observed a Navy Day to recognize their navy.

The Argentine Navy day is celebrated on May 17, anniversary of the victory achieved in 1814 in the Battle of Montevideo.

The Bangladesh Navy Day is celebrated on March 26, in anniversary the Independence Day of Bangladesh, the day in which Bangladesh Navy first came into existence.

Bulgaria's Navy Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in August.

The Día de las Glorias Navales is a public holiday in Chile on May 21. It commemorates the Battle of Iquique on May 21, 1879, in the War of the Pacific.

The date also marks the opening of ordinary Parliamentary season (through September 18, Independence Day) and is the traditional day for the President's State of the Nation address.

Principal civic acts are performed in Santiago de Chile, Iquique and Valparaíso, where the Chilean Navy Headquarters are located.

The People's Liberation Army of China celebrates the founding of its naval arm on "Navy Day", 23 April.

The Day of the Croatian Navy is celebrated on September 18.

Navy day in India is celebrated on 4 December every year to celebrate the achievements and role of the naval force to the country.

November 28 is a Navy Day in Iran. It commemorates Operation Morvarid of 1980, a major Iranian Navy victory during the Iran Iraq war.

  • The sinking of the Egyptian Navy flagship El Amir Farouq on 22 October 1948.
  • Capture of the Egyptian frigate Ibrahim el Awal on 31 October 1956.
  • The overwhelming successful actions of the Yom Kippur War, 6–24 October 1973.


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