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Janitor (Scrubs)

The Janitor
Scrubs character
First appearance "My First Day"
Last appearance "Our First Day of School"
Created by Bill Lawrence
Portrayed by Neil Flynn
Aliases Dr. Ján Ĩtor
Glenn Matthews
Gender Male
Occupation Janitor
Title The Janitor
Spouse(s) Unknown wife
Ladinia "Lady" Williams

The Janitor is a fictional character, played by actor Neil Flynn in the American comedy-drama Scrubs. Though he is a janitor at Sacred Heart, he is rarely referred to as the janitor, but rather just called Janitor.

Neil Flynn was originally billed as a recurring guest star throughout Season 1, although he appeared in all 24 episodes of that season. He was promoted to a series regular beginning with Season 2 and remained a regular through to Season 8. He made his final appearance in the Season 9 premiere, "Our First Day of School", as a guest star.

Janitor appeared in every episode during the first eight seasons except Season 2's "My Lucky Day" and Season 8's "My Last Words", "My Absence" and "My Full Moon".

In the series' pilot episode, protagonist J.D. sees Janitor fixing a sliding door that is stuck, and suggests someone might have stuck a penny in the door. Janitor immediately accuses J.D. of sabotaging the door, and swears revenge. For the rest of the series, the Janitor makes it his personal mission to torment J.D. with insults, mind games and practical jokes. In the season eight finale, J.D. admits to accidentally sticking the penny in the door; the Janitor replies he saw J.D. do it and began torturing him because he failed a "test of character" by keeping silent about it. Some of the Janitor's practical jokes have been on the severe side, such as destroying J.D.'s bike (twice), trapping him in a water tower, stranding him in the middle of nowhere, and tricking him into robbing a couple's house.

Neil Flynn has said:

"I think it's possible that he doesn't hate J.D. Maybe J.D. is as close to a friend as he has. For all we know, he just has poor social skills. I think that the Janitor constantly misreads J.D.'s motives and assumes he's a young punk."



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