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Hausman LLC

Hausman LLC
Industry Public relations, Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Founded 2008
Founder Tami Hausman
Headquarters New York City
Area served
Key people

Tami Hausman
(Founder and President)

Troy Vázquez-Cain
(Vice President)

Tami Hausman
(Founder and President)

Hausman LLC (Hausman Communications) is an American public relations firm based in Manhattan, New York City. Founded in 2008 by Tami Hausman, the firm is a privately held company primarily representing clients in architecture, engineering, construction, and other design-related industries.

After Hurricane Sandy, Hausman LLC served as press liaison for a construction company tasked with restoring power to Liberty Island, including The Statue of Liberty. The firm's founder has also received significant media attention for her engagement in social and urban development issues.

Hausman Communications was formed as a Limited Liability Corporation in 2008 by Tami Hausman. Hausman has served as President since the firm's inception and continues to oversee daily operations. Troy Vázquez-Cain, who joined the company in 2012, became Vice President in February 2016.

Hausman LLC represents Natoli Construction, a New Jersey construction firm involved in post Hurricane Sandy restoration repairs of infrastructure. Hausman handled PR for Natoli as the latter completed work on The Statue of Liberty.

In 2014, Hausman LLC spearheaded PR for the Rogers Partners designed Henderson-Hopkins School in Baltimore, MD. The first new public school built in East Baltimore in the last 20 years, the project was developed to be the central revitalization piece of the economically troubled neighborhood where parts of the American TV series The Wire were filmed. The development was overseen by East Baltimore Development, Inc. and operated by a partnership between Johns Hopkins University and Morgan State University.



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